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The La Poste Theater produces

In 2006, the Cantonal Department of Culture launched the "TheaterPro-VS" project. The aim of ThéâtrePro-VS is to promote and develop professional theater in Valais. It is the result of a partnership between the Department of Education, Culture and Sport and Loterie Romande. ThéâtrePro-VS is based on a formally regulated partnership between theaters that have been awarded the "Valais Professional Theater" label and established theater groups. In 2006, the La Poste Theatre was awarded the "Valais Professional Theatre" label, giving artists from the Upper Valais the opportunity to produce professional projects in their home region and to realize their performances and distribution. This is linked to the professionalization of the various theater professions and the creation of job opportunities for directors, actors, set and costume designers, technicians, etc. At the same time, professional theater creation is intended to sensitize the local audience to the various stage arts.

Under the name "la poste theater productions", Theater La Poste has been producing its own spoken theater in collaboration with professional theater groups since 2007.
Professional theater professionals can submit their theater projects directly to the La Poste Culture and Congress Center until the beginning of August in accordance with the criteria of "TheaterPro-VS". The requirements and regulations to be observed can be found on the website of the Department of Culture of the Canton of Valais at

For further information, please contact the La Poste Theater on 027 948 33 60 or

Durchgeführte Projekte von TheaterPro Zusammenarbeit mit  
Geschlossene Gesellschaft Profitheater Oberwallis Oktober 2006
Vielleicht sehe ich wie in meinem Traum imbodenproduction September 2009
Das Dorf unter den Steinen imbodenproduction September 2010
Crazy Horn (im Zeughaus Kultur) Sempione Productions Oktober 2010
1611 imbodenproduction November 2011
Die drei Leben von Lucie Cabrol Theater Ariane November 2012
Peer Gynt Theater Ariane März 2015
Die Geizige Sempione Productions April 2016
Brennende Geduld Theater Ariane Oktober 2016
Chez Roswitha - eine Operette auf Talfahrt Sempione Productions Mai 2018
ichglaubeaneineneinzigengott.hass imbodenproduction Februar 2019
Liebes Leid & Lust Theater Ariane September 2019
Alles für Mama Cie weihrauch & mürrisch Theaterproduktion September 2023