A touch of Italy in Visp

The old centre of Visp already has a Italian influence through its architecture. For this reason the two Swiss Italian architects Keller and Cabrini won the contract to design and build today’s La Poste in 1986. 

An incredible element was the fact that they could include the side street from the kauf platz with the passage way heading east towards Napoleon Street. The main color throughout the entire building is green. The front of the building being built from quartzite rocks. The quartzite rocks come from Kalpetran which are usually used for roofing. The 8cm thick Quartzite rocks decorate the curved façade on the front of the building. The rest of the building is either red, or neutral colors black, grey, or white. The long momentum of the façade is reflected in the interior, in the ceilings and on the North wall.

The theatre hall is the showpiece of the building. The brutal contrast between concrete and wood was greatly succeeded from the Ticinese architects and the local craftsmen.